Our Private lessons allows you to focus one-on-one with one of our PGA golf instructors. We will help you whether you are just starting out or wanting to perfect your swing. Learn more


Learn two-on-one with one of our instructors through our semi-private lessons. Pick your number of sessions and you and your instructor will work together to help you improve your game. Learn more


This camp lets our kids be outdoors on the course during our summer camp program. They will start out with an evaluation and be teamed up with kids of the same level and work on refining their skills. Learn more



If you’re living in Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville or Milton you may consider the Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy Summer Golf Camps as the best choice for your children for reasons that include our award winning team of PGA of Canada professionals, our state of the art facilities and world class golf training programs that consistently create champions of all ages.


This program is geared toward exposing our athletes to appropriate competitive experiences. We work to help our students’ transition into regular competition be both a comfortable and successful one. The objectiveis to prepare and build their confidence through detailed practice plans, simulated competition and technique improvement in all areas of the game


Our Learn-To-Play Clinics are derived from Golf Canada’s Long-Term Player Development Program. They introduce boys and girls to the game of golf in a fun, innovative and non-judgmental environment. Learn-to-Play Clinic covers basic swing concepts including grip, posture, ball position and stroke, with an introduction to putting and chipping. There are also balance, agility and mobility exercises – to build general athleticism.


I started training at the Bradlee Ryall Academy when I was nine years old. The coaching and training throughout the past 5 years have been amazing. My coach Bradlee Ryall has helped me improve my game tremendously. With the help of the Bradlee Ryall Academy I have build a great love for the game. I would recommend this program to any athlete who wants to improve there game and build a love for golf.

Sarah Gallagher

2018 CJGA Bantam Girls Order of Merit Winner

I wanted to share with you my experience over the past three weeks with your VIP Golf Experience. Initially, I was a bit reluctant as sometimes things that sound too good to be true usually strike outl However, your amazing instructors and faculty have hit a home run. 🙂

(Unlimited Golf Lessons Member)