Nine years ago I had the tremendous opportunity of taking my passion and love for golf along with my global experiences to build a golf coaching brand that would create jobs, positively impact the local community and offer young aspiring junior golfers a platform to learn, grow and achieve there golfing dreams.   When the Bradlee Ryall Golf Academies was born the heart and soul was no doubt Junior Golf.

We have been fortunate to build award-winning programs that have seen our students go on to win multiple CJGA (Canadian Junior Golf Association) U.S Kids, and Golf Ontario events along with reaching the highest levels of our programs and receiving U.S Collegiate scholarships.

I am often asked what’s the formula for the success we have all shared? How do you develop young junior golfers and have such fantastic results?  The answer I always give is simple.  We focus on “Grass Roots” We
have a firm belief that strength of our junior development
pyramid starts with its base.  One of the first decisions I made when building my company was to offer a Summer Junior Golf Camp that actually had a purpose.  I wanted to create a program that would engage children to learn, have fun, build friendships and be fans of golf for the rest of their life.  Within that thinking I also made sure we were separating children by age and skill level to have them in appropriate learning environments to get the best out of their abilities each week.  Sound good?  I thought so…. However, I decided to add one extra variable that has really helped us grow our programs and identify young golf talent.  During all our summer junior golf camps or PGA of Canada golf coaches are quietly evaluating the participants making recommendations for children that should be graduating into our competitive stream of training programs.

It’s been an incredible journey for our academy over the past 9 years touching the lives of almost 1,000 junior golfers annually.  We have been recognized by Golf Ontario winning the junior facility of the year in 2012 and recently I was fortunate to be the recipient of the PGA of Ontario’s Junior Leader of the year award.

None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for the tremendous team of coaches we have had over the years and to the commitment we have had to building our base and offering residents of Mississauga, Milton, Brampton and Oakville the best Summer Junior Golf Camp offering in the G.T.A.

Lets talk about these Camps, Our Summer Junior Golf Camps typically run from the middle of June until the last week of August.  Yes! Our camps are open earlier then most facilities because we want to provide opportunities to the children in Private school’s who often get out earlier and can’t find activities offered before July 1st

Our Summer Junior Golf Camps also bolster some of the most parent friendly times.  At the Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy our camps run from 8:30am to 4:30 pm where most golf camp offerings are (9:00am -3:30 pm) this allows families to have more time to car pool and work around job schedules when choosing our junior golf camps,

If your wondering about price, well I am happy to tell you that we are not $500 a week and offer a tremendous price for Full Day Campers at Lionhead Golf and Conference Centre for $379 and Royal Ontario Golf Club for $349.   We also offer half-day camps and extended afternoon extended care for parents needing a little more time!

I would also be remised if I didn’t talk about the amazing facilities and menu we have for our Summer Junior Golf Camps. Lionhead golf and Conference Centre and Royal Ontario Golf Clubs are outstanding centralized facilities that have tremendous driving ranges, short game areas and beautiful golf courses.

Our Camp menu is the best in the city offering snacks/hydration twice a day and a
offering for kids to keep the energy levels high and feel strong for an afternoon of learning and fun!

If your interested in enrolling your child in Our Summer Junior Golf Camps we offer them exclusively at Lionhead Golf and Conference Centre located near the Mississauga/Brampton border and at Royal Ontario Golf Club near the Oakville/Milton border.

Thank you for taking the time to read a few of my thoughts and to learn more about our passion and dedication behind our Summer Junior Golf Camps, we would love the opportunity to work with your son or daughter and have them develop golf and life skills that will stick with them forever!


Bradlee Ryall


Bradlee Ryall Golf Academies