Caddy 101 “Training for Parents”

Focused on training parents to be a more efficient caddy, helping there player’s performance at U.S Kids and CJGA Golf events. This program will cover all the little nuances caddies should know while caddying in a competitive environment. Our focus will be to educate parents on the rules of golf, etiquette and how to support your player maximizing there potential.

After taking the Caddy 101 program, your confidence will never be higher, you will be counting down the days to the next event!

Caddy 101 Breakdown

Week 1- Theory, Rules and building confidence on the course

Week 2- Practical Application- simulating real on course scenarios, and and learning how to react in “real life”  tournament situations

Friday’s 7:00pm-8:00pm

2 x 60 min training sessions
Price: $99