Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy is proud to announce the addition of Rebecca Lee-Bentham to our roster of PGA of Canada golf instructors.

The three reasons we’re the best choice for golf lessons in south central Ontario are that we have the best people at the best golf facilities, teaching the best programs. Rebecca is a great addition to the team. She’s the first female Professional in our family, and is one of Canada’s most prominent female golfers. 

There are few athletes who can beat Rebecca in a round of golf; even Bradlee struggles to best this girl on the course. The 24yr old dynamo eats, sleeps and breathes the game, and consequently she’s a minor celebrity in the sport.


A veritable LPGA Phenom five years ago, the details of Rebecca Lee Bentham’s childhood, or lack thereof, have been reported in many articles and golf blogs all over the world. Raised by Korean emigrants in Canada she trained hard, so the story goes, to get to the top of the game amidst great personal and familial sacrifices. As a kid she spent long hours at the driving range and in the garage of her family home hitting balls into a net, perfecting her swing.


Rebecca Lee-Bentham flopping out of a bunkerRight now you’re thinking maybe you’ve her name before? And you’re probably right. Back in 2007 Rebecca Lee-Bentham won the Ontario Women’s Amateur title becoming the game’s youngest champion at age fifteen. She took the Canadian junior title in 2010. In 2011, Lee-Bentham won the Canadian Women’s Amateur and tied for fourth at a CN Canadian Women’s Tour event against professionals.

Rebecca went on to receive a full scholarship to the University of Texas. and she became the youngest Canadian female to ever receive a full LPGA tour card in 2011 and was the LPGA Q-School medalist in 2012.

Right around that time she got accepted into the Golf Canada’s Young Pro Squad, a sponsorship program set up to sculpt young athletes with exceptional talent. This is the ultimate golf training program – its invite only.  Rebecca was accepted and studied hard with Team Canada’s coaching staff for two years; she learned the science of the sport from top psychologists, a world famous strength and conditioning coach, two nutritionists, and physiotherapist Greg Redman. Now she brings all that knowledge back to our organization, and her students.

money game with Bradlle Jonathon and Rebecca

Today Bradlee Ryall is mentoring Rebecca on how to be a World Class golf instructor, sharing almost two decades of experience with his youngest protegee. “There isn’t much she doesn’t already know about golf”, Bradlee writes, “now Rebecca’s challenge is to master communication and golf instruction.’

The experience of helping players improve their game over many lessons, and seeing them finally become satisfied with their swing, and watching their confidence grow with better scores is something Rebecca wants to be part of, and that’s the passion inherent in all our golf instructors and what drives our golf academy.

What Makes Rebecca Lee-Bentham So Special?

Rebecca has a fresh perspective on junior golf competition both in this country and internationally, so she’s the logical choice for parents seeking unprecedented mentorship with the Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy’s competitive junior golf training programs. Rebecca has been through the whole rigmarole a few times, and not that long ago either, so the challenges presented by junior golfers is close to Rebecca’s heart and will help her assist the development of these young golfers to build confidence, and be successful not just in golf but in life! 

On the other end of the spectrum, but for all the same reasons, Lee-Bentham is also a good choice for executives seeking private golf lessons. She can communicate the science she learned from our nation’s top golfers, medical professionals and therapists; she’s brimming with world class golf wisdom. Furthermore, beyond the novelty presented by her age, gender and Korean origins, learning golf from a passionate young female is thrilling, and uniquely invigorating.

Rebecca packs away her clubs

Readers, please don’t be intimidated by this 24yr old female golfer, just accept that she is the better athlete. She’ll kick your butt, and in the process, teach you skills and improve your game. Rebecca will undoubtedly grow to be ranked among the best golf instructors in Canada, and teach golf all over the world.

We’re so proud Rebecca Lee Bentham has chosen the Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy at Lionhead Golf Course as the starting point to launch her career as a PGA of Canada Teaching Professional. This marks the dawn of a Golden Age for our organization, and we encourage readers to book lessons with Rebecca and play a part in our increasingly colourful history. Sign up today and let Rebecca demonstrate how our academy raises the bar for golf lessons across southern Ontario.