Why learn with us?

About Us: Get to know the Bradlee Ryall Team

Founded in 2009, the Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy has received multiple provincial awards and has become a celebrated leader in golf lessons, golf camps and private golf coaching. We operate out of three superb golf courses in Mississauga, Brampton,  and Milton.

Instruction from the best

All of our instructors are certified PGA of Canada professionals. Each has been carefully selected by Bradlee for his or her strong abilities as a golf instructor, and for an easygoing, light-hearted and patient approach to the teaching of the game. Our lessons are as much fun as they are educational and inspiring. Students tell us our holistic approach and dedication to on course training is more effective at building their skills and confidence compared to traditional indoor training facilities or other course-managed institutions.

Practice makes pros

Our learning curriculum is focused around fun competition, including mini-matches and skills drills to instill sound technique – and the love of the game – into our students’ hearts and minds. Passion is the most important ingredient to becoming a great golfer and we never stop coming up with new ways to spark and grow ever more enthusiasm for the game.

Staying the course

Our research and results prove that nothing is a substitute for actual course time. When learning to play the game on course is a part of lesson, students use and sharpen their entire skill set and gain a more realistic grasp and perspective of the game. To maximize course time, we offer customized on-course lessons, which enhances the entire learning and playing experience.

What’s in a lesson?

We take a fresh approach to building player skills. Each lesson is different, designed around each student’s abilities.

Customizing your roadmap to success

Private and group lessons all begin with a personal assessment conducted with one of our PGA of Canada golf professionals to gauge abilities and set expectations.

Your pro, your course

Work one-on-one with a PGA of Canada certified Golf Pro at the Kaneff Golf course of your choice. Each golf course above is detailed along with maps, prices and staff bios.

Group vs. private

Group lessons are a great way to gain experience at the course, but private lessons are the fastest way to improve key abilities to raise your entire game to a higher level.

Keeping it light

We provide easy, comfortable golf lessons for seniors and for women eager to see improvements in their game. We keep the atmosphere light-hearted and fun – it’s what keeps our students coming back.

Mend your ways at a golf clinic

We conduct adult and junior “Future Links” golf clinics, each tailored to age and ability. These group golf lessons and skills training workshops help players build golf skills while meeting other like-minded golfers.